• Waterproofing

The Waterproofing Industry

This is a varied heading and includes coating concrete roofs of semi-buried and buried tanks, bunds and roofs/floors of building complexes.

We are experienced in using various coatings including:

  • Solvent free urethane and methyl methacrylate coatings – both spray and hand applied
  • Special cementitious coatings
  • Various sealants

Examples of Work

Client Location Detail
OPA Numerous sites in UK Application of a sprayed waterproof membrane to the concrete roofs of semi-buried fuel tanks
Pochins Chester Application of waterproofing system to roofs and floor of HQ Chester hotel, residential and commercial complex
Air BP Numerous sites in UK and Ireland Sealing of concrete bunds using special mortars, sealants and elastomeric coatings
MOD Falkland Islands Sealing of concrete bunds


Below is a selection of the work undertaken by Ferrous Protection. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Application of membrane to roof of semi-buried fuel tank