• Water

The Water Industry

We are experienced in working in both the clean and dirty water industries.

We can offer suitably certified systems for potable water and chemical/abrasion resistant coatings for effluent and sewage conditions.

These linings/coatings can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates including concrete.

We can supply:

  • DWI approved solvent free linings
  • WRC approved solvent free and solvented coatings
  • Water-borne approved coatings
  • High quality linings enabling ease of cleaning
  • Long-life systems complete with performance guarantees
  • Flexible systems for concrete substrates

Examples of Work

Client Location Detail
Nomenca Various WTW Sites Painting of vessels and pipework (both inside and outside reservoirs) – potable water
Black & Veatch Hampton Court WTW Internal lining and external painting of 7 large underground surge vessels – potable water
Silverstone Circuits Silverstone Internal lining of 6 water tanks
United Utilities (via several Contractors) Various sites Pipework and vessel painting – potable water
Askam Construction Sholver Internal lining and external painting of 2 reservoir tanks – potable water
Thames Water Hogsmill STW Gritblasting and painting of steelwork of primary settlement tanks – sewage treatment
Thames Water Mogden STW Internal lining and external painting of digester tanks and gasbells – sewage treatment


Below is a selection of the work undertaken by Ferrous Protection. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Potable water tank lined with DWI epoxy & Potable water surge vessel lined with DWI epoxy