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Within the Company we have a wealth of specialist and general knowledge of the surface protection industry.

We are frequently consulted about protective, specialist and decorative projects for which we are able to recommend the best possible solutions. These solutions are often based on previous contracts which have proved successful.

These are examples of some of the projects and types of work that we have completed over the years:

  • Metal spraying of items as diverse as Palace of Westminster Roof (including "Big Ben" Clock Tower and Speaker's House), chimneys, flare stacks and Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong
  • Coating ship cargo holds for food and chemicals
  • Internal lining of road and rail tankers
  • Coating of aluminium casting pits
  • Industrial painting of buildings, structures, plant and associated equipment
  • Decorative painting of offices and warehouses both internal and external
  • Concrete repairs using cementitious, epoxy and polymer compounds
  • Coating works on Atlantic Conveyor replacement ship


Below is a selection of the work undertaken by Ferrous Protection. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Silverstone Circuit Stands