• Food & Brewing

The Food and Brewing Industry

Application of non-taint systems in active production areas is an essential feature in this industry.

We have a wealth of experience in the UK and Mainland Europe Brewing Industry.

We use:

  • Solvent free epoxy tank linings
  • External paint coatings including water borne paints
  • Food-grade floor and wall coatings

If needed we have the ability to meet programme requirements during "shut down" periods.

Examples of Work

Client Location Detail
Beefeater Gin London Lining of 2 Water Tanks
Wells & Youngs Bedford Lining of 9 Beer Tanks
Fullers London Lining of 2 Hot Liquor tanks
Marstons Burton-on-Trent Lining of Liquor tank
Nestlé New Malden 4 Autoclaves
Anglia Oils Hull Lining of 4 palm oil tanks
British Sugar York Lining and painting of sugar silos
Various Breweries Poland, Hungary Lining of beer storage and fermentation tanks


Below is a selection of the work undertaken by Ferrous Protection. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Beer fermentation tank. Before and after lining with food grade solvent free epoxy

Wine tank. Lining application and inspection