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The Chemical Industry

Our extensive knowledge of application procedures and the suitable resistance of various products available, gives us the opportunity to offer "one call" recommendations, and prices, for the protection against all types of chemical contact. Our recommendations include the use of solvent free coatings, metal spraying, vinyl ester and polyester linings.

We have successfully completed many projects for the lining/coating of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy tanks, concrete storage areas and bunds, also external painting in aggressive environments.

Examples of Work

Client Location Detail
Toyota Burneston Lining of Acid Day Tank
Iggesund Paper Cumbria Lining of carbonate tank
Lining of concrete bund against caustic conditions
Hays Chemicals Sandbach Lining of brine tank
Lining of sulphuric acid tank
Chemoxy Darlington Lining of Methanol Tank
Rhodia Chemicals Chesterfield Metal spraying of acid convertor beds
Kemira Fertilisers Stanlow Metal spraying of vessels and pipes
Solvay Interox Warrington & North East Lining and painting of chemical tanks


Below is a selection of the work undertaken by Ferrous Protection. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Caustic soda tanks fully lined with solvent free epoxy.